Özlem Özkan

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Come, let us all be friends for once. Let us make life easy on us. Let us be lovers and loved ones. The earth shall be left to no one.

― Yunus Emre

The Student


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In her memoir and self awareness book, The Student, Özlem reflects on her journey of the heart and mind. Due to her bicultural identity she constantly moved between East and West in her heart and mind. On one hand, her heart told her to be like a butterfly and believe that she has big wings to make her fly to far lands, wander, and meet people from foreign lands. On the other hand, her mind guided her towards having to make a difference in the world through education, whatever it would cost, even her life, she would strive until she made a difference. It was always a struggle between high ambition and wandering the universe. She discovered that her struggle between those two would make her face her own light and darkness, and lead to uncovering the layers of her true self. 

In The Student, the author writes about her experiences and interactions with a variety of people from different cultures, religions, and nations; all from the three countries she lived in, Denmark – Netherlands – Turkey, and continents she traveled through. While this book reflects on the author’s own life, this book will engage any human’s heart and mind, it is the whole person this book speaks to. Taken with confidence and integrity this raw and edgy written memoir will make the reader recognize themselves and the human side in all of us. 

In The Student, Özlem sheds some light on her journey of getting to know herself. This book will take you on a fascinating journey of your inner world. It will reveal the debates of who you are. This book is not a handbook, it’s not a book on how you should live your life. It’s a book about a lived life. In a society where we are constantly presented with choices, you might want to look for vital answers on your important questions. Read this book if you want to know what it means to face yourself, to face your darkness and your light at the same time. Read this book if you have ever wondered who you are. It is my hope that when you finish reading this book, you will discover new parts of yourself and connect all things in your heart and mind.