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Hey! I am Özlem!

I am here to help you to tap into your human heart and create a life you love.

I believe in changing from the inside out. We are greater than our thoughts and have the human right to be fully ourselves and show up in our lives with bravery and honesty.

Ready to reduce your stress levels?

HeartMath Training

They have done the HeartMath training

After witnessing how Özlem’s passion and purpose 100% align with her skill level in helping her fellow humans evolve and live the life they want. I would take any HeartMath course she is offering with absolute confidence knowing the experience would be incredible.
- Jamie Stuart
HeartMath relies on the power of the heart and it’s intelligent ability to effect how we are reacting to stress triggers around us. Özlem is a skilled teacher and has the engaging personality that naturally makes you want to dive in and follow her through the process.
- Tracy Zboril
Özlem is the best teacher I could ever encounter. She is a natural at what she does, explaining difficult concepts and making them relatable. HeartMath's techniques literally changed my life.
- Karim B
Özlem is an exceptional, dedicated and committed trainer.
- Tom Lipinski

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Tranform Your Life Course

transform your life course

It’s been pretty wild for me to see the change in myself. Through the Transform Your Life Course I was able to get tools and techniques to finally let go of things that were holding me back for years.
- Vyana
I was a bit skeptical if you can change your beliefs in such a short time frame with the Transform Your Life Course. Özlem does the magic. I was the queen of self-sabotage, and this course and Özlem’s support offered all the tools and techniques to change my point of view.
- Jasna Puntar
Transform Your Life Course changed my perspective on life. I discovered my self-limiting beliefs and let them go. I also learned how to set concrete goals and create a daily routine. Now I can handle life in a more easy and more positive way.
- Dr. Şükriye Kayhan Aktürk
Before working with Özlem I had huge resistance around self- promotion that often stopped me from putting my work out there. Afraid that others might think I don’t honor the “Jante Law”, Now I’m more confident making myself visible in a way that helps more people in better ways.
- Ric Lindberg


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I am blessed to have incredible conversations with the world’s leading minds, fascinating people, and game-changers in the world. My vision is to help people to trust themselves and realize how unlimited they are. In Bridging you can learn, practice, and transform in all areas of your life.

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