Özlem Özkan

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I am Özlem!

I am a multilingual entrepreneur, teacher, and speaker that helps you tap into your human heart and create a life you love.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. However, I am proud to call myself bi-cultural due to my Turkish roots. Having worked and lived in different countries and having traveled across continents, made me experience connecting to a variety of people with the common characteristics of ‘being a human’ and the common aim of ‘living a life you love’.

Through the Bridging Podcast and YouTube Channel, I got the opportunity to have conversations with incredible conversations with the world’s leading minds, fascinating people, and game-changers in the world. My vision is to help people to trust themselves and realize how unlimited they are.

After gaining a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in Behavioral Sciences, teaching over a thousand students and parents, I thought I knew everything about how to live life. But my greatest teacher has been that after all that, I felt like an impostor, feeling very insecure about myself and my skills and seeking external validation.

My real work began when I began working from the inside out, working on myself to see changes in my life. Starting in 2014, I attended several self-empowerment trainings in Orlando, USA. I have had the honor to physically attend more than 12+ of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Transformational Retreats and I have continued to attend retreats as a volunteer.

I have learned and experienced in order to transform you have to let go of all your beliefs that limit you, and change from the seat of your subconscious mind to create real lasting change. Ever since this life-changing realization, I have spent my time investing my time and energy on transformational courses, retreats, books and the Bridging Podcast. All to fuel my ever-growing journey into transforming myself to better serve all those around me.

With all my love,