Özlem Özkan

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Be Unlimited.

Creating from a place of empowerment

In our 1:1 session, I guide you through where you feel limited in your life and bring you back into a place of empowerment. 

How do we work in 5 coaching sessions?

(5 times 1:1 coaching sessions €1500)

The 5 coaching sessions will be tailored to your personal needs and will help you realize your indoctrinations, the limitations you experience and bring you back into a place of empowerment. During our coaching sessions, you will understand yourself better, train your mind, and get not only equipped with tools to handle future challenges and situations but also learn how to create the reality you want.

You will be out of your head back into your body and  live from your soul.

– from thinking to feeling –

  • Going Inwards: You will change from the inside out and that’s why you’ll have to go inwards first.
  • Letting Go: You are going to learn methods of how to let go of emotions that are limiting you from living from authentic power.
  • Transform: You are going to learn on how to step beyond your limitations, become more unlimited, reach your goals and transform.

    A deep dive into self with Özlem

    The following questions help me gain a better understanding of who you are, where you are in your life, and where you would like to be so that we can achieve the best results with your personal journey. Please take your time with each question and approach them with love and honesty. It's the best way to start your inward journey with me by your side.