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I am blessed to have incredible conversations with the world’s leading minds, fascinating people, and game-changers in the world. My vision is to help people to trust themselves and realize how unlimited they are. In Bridging you can learn, practice, and transform in all areas of your life.

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“I am just thrilled that Özlem has a podcast.

Honesty, loyalty, connection, empathy, charisma, insight, the ability to ask good questions. These are all the things I so admire in Özlem. “


What listeners say..

Really interesting video, every minute is gold! Thank you.
- JohnR1298
One of the best interviews of such great information I have had the great fortune to come across ! Thank you both so much much! I am so grateful! ️
- Tammiebrown5204
Hi Ozlem, amazing talk session, with Seth Godin very insightful. Thank you for posting and sharing it on YouTube.
- Sk22m
Thanks for asking the questions I also struggle with.
- EDK4822
Big up sister! Lots of Love and Light for you and Bruce from the very bottom of my heart. Extra special for me to see a Turkish lady from the Netherlands helping to spread this knowledge around the globe. I loved Bruce already but now i have another cultural creative to love and support from a similar background as mine. Thanks to YOU and Bruce I got inspired and pushed forwards again to continue my path of creating a new world of heaven on earth. Love, Senem
- S.1111S.-yc6qh
This is a great interview Ozlem, I totally feel we should rethink our environments and question all the structures we normally just take for granted.
- Iamevanadyaevacazan6984
Thank you so much for this enlightening information! Wish I had it earlier in my life!
- Debraharlow1143
Ozlem, thank you for this insightful, eye-opening, and mind-expanding interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton. Your questions and comments are also very helpful and made for an educational and entertaining experience. This episode needs to be shared with the world! Well done!
- Stevegallegos